Wecome to SkyPath

High Performance Internet Access

SkyPath is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) committed to providing you the most reliable and affordable high speed service. The customer experience is our #1 priority, and we make it easy for you to stay connected with a variety of affordable and flexible solutions to our customers.

The extensive and robust SkyPath network allows us to connect people who currently do not have Internet service, and offer better service to those who are not satisfied with their current provider. We have the flexibility to deliver high speed Internet by simply installing customer premise equipment (CPE) which consists of a simple outdoor antenna. Customers located in one of our existing hotspots will not require additional equipment to connect.


A commercial account is for businesses that have multiple users and/or require specific bandwidth needs and/or custom configurations. Contact SkyPath about establishing a commercial account.


Our residential service provides high-speed access for  for home use for a fixed setup charge and low monthly fee. SkyPath can bring its network to you. Contact SkyPath to schedule installation.

Hot Spot

A Hot Spot is a zone within the SkyPath coverage area that allows a SkyPath customer to access the internet instantly. If you are in one of our existing hotspots, simply connect to “SkyPath” on your device, open your internet browser, choose your plan and method of payment and you are surfing. To inquire about establishing a new Hot Spot, contact SkyPath.

Wholesale Broadband

Wholesale Broadband is for users requiring significant bandwidth for commercial applications. SkyPath can offer access to our network for a fixed monthly price. Contact SkyPath about backhaul services for your wireless network.